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Logistics Readiness Center

Logistics Readiness Center

Ft Drum Ft Drum & The 10th Logistics Readiness Center
Division (MMD)

This directorate includes the Office of the Director; Plans and Operations; Supply and Services; Materiel Maintenance; Transportation; and Aviation Logistics Management divisions. This directorate is responsible for direct program management of five divisions and provides advice to the commander on all logistics matters.

The Plans and Operations Division is responsible for planning, coordinating and synchronizing execution of logistics operations in support of the installation and major tenant activities. Functions include ammunition quality assurance for the installation, logistics automation support, annual training support, budget, personnel and security.

The Supply and Services Division is responsible for day-to-day operations of ammunition, food service, petroleum, oils and lubricants, organizational clothing and equipment, installation property management, installation retail supply activities, and laundry and dry cleaning.

The MMD provides a full range of field- and sustainment-level repair services for ground equipment in support of BASOPS and tactical missions. The MMD plays a major role in force modernization and modification work order programs.

Key functions of the Transportation Division include unit movement by air, land and sea, as well as freight, in-transit warehouse (central receiving), personnel movements and port calls, motor transport and fleet management, personal property shipping (household goods), and the arrival and departure airfield control group and out load support operations.

Operating from maintenance and supply storage facilities on Wheeler Sack Army Airfield, the Aviation Logistics Management Division supports our customer’s aviation material maintenance requirements. Services provided extend to a broad spectrum of aviation equipment commodity maintenance, repair and fabrication, ranging from aviation unit-level maintenance, aviation intermediate maintenance, limited DEPOT and special repair authorization, and national-level program maintenance activities.

Network Enterprise Center

It provides advice and support to Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division (LI) in the areas of telecommunications, information systems and administrative services. This includes providing power projection, command, control, communications and computer support for contingency missions, exercises and emergency operations.

Members manage, maintain and improve the existing information infrastructure and provide long-range planning for future requirements, as well as respond to missions, exercises and emergency operations.

Customer Service Center 315-774-6060
Army Enterprise Service Desk 866-335-2769
Non-commissioned Officers Academy


Staff members at the NCO Academy are dedicated to training leaders. They work to provide the skills newly promoted sergeants, or corporal and specialists (promotable), require in basic leadership: NCO duties, responsibility and authority, and how to conduct performance-oriented training needed to lead, train and fight. Contact 315-778-8187.


The Mobilization and Training Equipment Site accounts for, maintains, repairs and issues select equipment to numerous Army National Guard units yearly for pre-mobilization training. Call 315-772-5177.

U.S. Army Trial Defense Service

It assists active-duty Soldiers facing courts-martial and most adverse administrative actions. It is located in the Henry V. Cumoletti Justice Center, building T-174. Contact 315-772-6628 for assistance.

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