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Take a dip and relax in one of the four MWR swimming pools. On Oahu, Pool 1, Pool 2, Scott Pool and Towers Pool are located on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Visit www.greatlifehawaii.com for updated pool hours. Call Pool 1 at 808-449-5274, Pool 2 at 808-260-9736, Scott Pool at 808-473-0394 or Towers Pool at 808-471-9723. If you are on Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) on Kauai, visit Mana Splash. Most pools offer adult and leisure lap swimming during the weekdays and swim lessons for kids. Water aerobics is also offered at select locations throughout the week. The water slide at Scott Pool proves to be a popular attraction during the hottest days, along with the kiddie pools at Scott Pool and Pool 2. Patios are available for rent at most of the pools for your party or next command function. To reserve space for your party or next command function, call 808-473-0394; for PMRF, Kauai, call 808-473-0394/335-4391. For more information, call the main office at Scott Pool, 808-473-0394 or PMRF, Kauai’s Mana Splash, 808-335-4391.

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