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DLA Distribution Barstow (DLA-DB) is a Defense Logistics Agency collocated depot under the command of the Defense Distribution Center (DDC).

DLA Distribution is made up of distribution facilities at two locations 8 miles apart, Nebo and Yermo Annex. Headquarters, administration, central receiving, shipping, storage and support facilities are at Nebo. Most of the outdoor storage is at the Yermo Annex. The depot receives, stores and ships supplies to military customers in the United States and the Pacific Theater of Operations as well as around the world.

Located on one of two Marine Corps Logistics Bases in the United States, DLA-DB is one of 26 depots operated by the Defense Distribution Center headquartered in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Overall management is provided by the Defense Logistics Agency at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, which oversees the management of 5.2 million items and 360,000 prime contracts valued at $900 billion for the Department of Defense.

The major commodities stored by DLA-DB are electronic parts and components, radioactive material, clothing and textiles, replacement parts of military equipment, engines and transmissions, shafts, reduction gears, wire cable, furniture, boats and anchors, radar units and propellers.

On Aug. 13, 2000, as a result of an A-76 competition, the depot functions were taken over by a civilian contractor, EG&G Logistics from Austin, Texas. It is now operated by Akima Logistics Services, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Eleven government employees have remained on site as part of the depot’s Continuing Government Activity (CGA). Their responsibility is to oversee the contractor’s operations and lend technical assistance when necessary. See “Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Barstow” in the telephone directory for phone numbers.


DLA Disposition Services manages excess property generated by DOD activities in central California and Nevada. In addition to MCLB Barstow, DRMO manages locations at Twentynine Palms, Naval Weapons Center China Lake, Edwards Air Force Base and Nellis Air Force Base.

DLA Disposition services and programs include reutilization, transfer, donation (RTD) and sales, as well as environmental, recycling, demilitarization and precious metals recovery. To learn more about DRMO Barstow, call 760-577-5877, go online to the DRMS website at or see DRMO in the telephone directory for phone numbers. For information on Government Sales, contact our Commercial Venture Partner, Government Liquidation, at 760-577-6883 or visit their website


Production Plant Barstow’s (PPB) mission is to provide depot-level maintenance support to the armed forces of the United States so that they are able to conduct their training, operational, mobilization and emergency requirements without impediment. PPB’s vision is to be the maintenance provider of choice for the operating forces and other customers through teamwork, innovative business practices and a highly skilled and motivated workforce. PPB is an efficient organization, geographically located and positioned to provide responsive maintenance support for the operational forces. Located at the Yermo Annex, it is housed in the largest single-story structure ever constructed for the Marine Corps. Virtually all Marine Corps ground equipment can be repaired or modified here. PPB has more than 300 product lines dedicated to repairing and overhauling all ground equipment used by the Marine Corps. Workload ranges from heavy metal such as tanks and light armored vehicles to the LW-155 777 155mm, the latest in lightweight artillery. PPB is one of only two depot maintenance facilities in the Marine Corps. PPB is under operational control of Marine Depot Maintenance Command, Albany, Georgia.


The Fleet Support Division’s mission: receipt, inspect, account for, issue, store and manage the Care-In-Store Program for Stores Account Code 3 (SAC3) Principal End Items (PEI) and small arms components; execute Supply Support Program; assemble and disassemble collateral material (CM), Supply System Responsibility Items (SSRI), Sets, Kits, and Chests in support of Marine Corps requirements; provide technical assistance to Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORES) West; and develop and monitor quality control programs. FSD is at the Yermo Annex. See “Fleet Support Division” in the telephone directory for phone numbers.


Command Inspector General

The Command Inspector General’s Office provides a single point of contact for all inquiries, complaints and investigations for the base commander. It also administers the base commander’s inspection program and maintains oversight of selected command programs. Issues concerning base policies, functions or any other issue requiring command attention should be addressed to the base inspector.

Base Safety Office

The Base Safety Office provides a safe and healthful environment for all personnel who live or work at MCLB Barstow. It also reduces operational costs by minimizing mishaps and lost time injuries through training, identification and elimination of unsafe and hazardous conditions.

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office (HRO) provides services and support to its customers in the program areas of employee training development, employee relations, labor relations, recruitment, staffing, placement, classification, compensation and equal employment opportunity. See Page 12 for additional information.

Office of the General Counsel

The Barstow Field Office of the General Counsel represents the interests of the Department of the Navy and the Marine Corps by providing legal counsel and related training to the commanders, directors and supervisors of Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow and its tenants in all areas of civil law, to include employment law, environmental law, information law (Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act), real estate law, fiscal law, business law and contracts.

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

The Staff Judge Advocate office provides command legal services and support aboard MCLB Barstow and legal assistance for military members, family members and retirees eligible for services. See Page 13 for additional information.

Public Affairs Office

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) provides public affairs support to base and tenant organizations. This office handles all media inquiries directed to the base and keeps base employees, local media and community members informed of matters regarding MCLB Barstow and the Marine Corps through various mediums of communication, including the Prospector, the base’s biweekly news magazine. Classified ads in the Prospector are free to active-duty and retired military, their families and base DOD employees. Ads may be submitted by filling out a form at the PAO in Building 204 or via e-mail to Additionally, PAO provides photo, video and graphic support to meet the base mission.

PAO also coordinates community outreach programs involving face-to-face contact between base personnel and key publics and organizations within the Barstow vicinity. This includes regular liaison with local governmental and civic organizations, coordination of color guard appearances, the command speakers’ bureau, involvement of base personnel and equipment in special events off base, and on-base tours by private and civic organizations. Call 760-577-6430 for more information.

Base Supply

The Base Supply Office provides retail supply support, personnel support equipment, inventory management of Organic and Garrison Personal Property, and procurement of fuels and hazardous materials for MCLB Barstow departments and tenant activities, Marine Depot Maintenance Command, and for other DOD activities that use the services of the base, to include National Training Center, Fort Irwin, and other government agencies throughout Southern California. In addition, Base Supply serves as the central receiving point for all garrison property and equipment aboard the installation.


Headquarters Battalion provides administrative, training and logistical guidance in support of Marines and Sailors assigned to the base. Headquarters Battalion also manages all training areas on the base. The battalion commander is also the commanding officer of all troops aboard the base.


S-1’s mission is to provide administrative, advisory and support services to the command, tenant activities and other customers. Some of its many functions include providing advisory services on civilian personnel matters, managing military personnel administrative matters and providing oversight of manpower requirements. S-1 also administers the Transportation Incentive Program.


S-3’s mission is to provide planning, coordination and oversight in matters pertaining to organization, training, operations, antiterrorism/force protection and contingencies in support of the command and tenant activities.

Business Performance Office

The Business Performance Office falls under S-3 and provides business management expertise in the areas of cost reduction/efficiency improvement programs, strategic sourcing, strategic planning, business process reengineering and civilian career and leadership development (CCLD) to the base commander, staff and tenant components of MCLB Barstow.


The Installation and Logistics (I&L) Department provides comprehensive facilities and real property services to MCLB Barstow and other customers including facilities maintenance, utilities, housing and professional engineering and planning services. Two divisions comprise I&L.

The Installation Division provides all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision and other items and services necessary to perform services as defined in the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for MCLB and all other customers.

The Public Works Division provides professional planning, project management, and engineer services for all work performed outside of the PWS, to include military construction and other special projects. It also administers the PWS and provides comprehensive quality assurance. Public Works also oversees the operation of family housing.

The Housing Branch performs the administration, budgeting and management of family housing quarters, a self-help warehouse and the recreational vehicle storage area.


The Communications Division’s mission is to provide secure, reliable, flexible and timely communications services for the base and tenant activities. Its vision is to instill professional excellence within its staff to empower individuals to innovate and achieve seamless communications for its customers.


MCLB Barstow Security and Emergency Services (SES) is divided into two departments: Fire and Emergency Services and the Marine Corps Police Department. The Fire Department provides the personnel and equipment for the mitigation of structural fires, search and rescue, appropriate intervention and containment of hazardous materials/CBRNE/WMD incidents, confined space rescue, wildland fires, vehicle extrication, specialized technical rescue services and miscellaneous emergency incidents. This department also provides both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support emergency medical services and transport. MCLB Barstow Fire and Emergency Services further maintains a Fire Prevention Division, which performs fire inspections, fire hazard management, a fire prevention education program, fire safety deficiency management, and a technical consulting program for fire engineering requirements. The Marine Corps Police Department (MCPD) provides the personnel and equipment necessary to deter and detect criminal activity; provide force protection/antiterrorism; allow for proper base access control; provide vetting for visitors, government employees and contractors; conduct patrol and traffic enforcement operations; and investigate traffic accidents and criminal activity aboard the installation. The MCPD Physical Security and Crime Prevention section maintains the physical security of the installation and provides crime prevention education. MCPD’s Dispatch section provides timely and professional dispatching for emergency medical, fire and police services.


The Office of the Comptroller is in Building 15 (Base Headquarters) and consists of two offices that specialize in financial management functions. The Budget Office performs budget formulation and execution policies and procedures to manage both the command’s direct and reimbursable financial resources. Further, it maintains Inter-Service Support Agreements for reimbursable customers. The Resource Evaluation and Analysis Office provides an objective in-house capability to analyze, evaluate and review the adequacy of management and financial records, procedures and practices to promote effective and efficient use of resources. It serves as the base point of contact for all Internal Management Control Programs.


The Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) Department consists of Business Operations, Retail, Semper Fit, Marine Corps Family Team Building, and Marine and Family Programs, all of which are designed to enhance the quality of life by providing quality programs, products and services to the military community, its families and other authorized patrons. See the Community Services section for additional information.


The Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard was formed aboard MCLB Barstow in 1967 and designated an official Mounted Color Guard by Headquarters Marine Corps in 1968. This is the only remaining Mounted Color Guard in the Marine Corps today.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) honored this unit by portraying it on the first edition of the BLM’s Wild Horse trading cards.

This elite military unit has performed throughout the United States, traveling as far as Washington, D.C. The Mounted Color Guard has received numerous national awards including Overall High Point Champion and Class Champion from the California National Association of Paraders from 1980 to 1985, 1989 and 1991 to 1997, and Overall Outstanding Equestrian Group from 1987 to 1989. The Mounted Color Guard no longer competes due to military regulations.

In January 1985, the Mounted Color Guard made its first appearance in the Tournament of Roses Parade. Since January 1990, the Mounted Color Guard has participated in the Tournament of Roses Parade. The unit has been given the extreme honor of being the first military unit to lead the parade in 1990, 1995, 1998, 2001 and 2002, and is now the official color guard of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

It has also participated in events such as the Fiesta Bowl, Super Bowl parades and Military Finals rodeos. Horses in the unit are wild Palomino mustangs adopted from the BLM’s Adopt a Horse and Burro Program. The mounts are gentle and trained by the Marines.

The Mounted Color Guard members are active-duty Marines who volunteer their time — evenings, weekends and holidays — and perform these duties in addition to their regular duties.

This unit travels across the United States participating in parades, rodeos and other events and ceremonies. Call 760-577-7302 for more information.


It enhances mission capability by protecting U.S. homeland and critical bases of operation through risk management, education and emergency response. Additionally, it provides effective base mobilization and natural disaster contingency planning.

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