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Tenant Commands

Tenant Commands

Exceptional Family Members

The EFM coordinator can provide information on special services available to active duty family members with special needs. The coordinator handles enrollment, disenrollment and any questions, concerns or issues for the EFM Program, as well as assistance when dealing with local education needs. For assistance, please call (901) 874-6100, ext. 145.

Navy Recruiting Command

The mission of Commander, Navy Recruiting Command is to recruit men and women for enlisted, officer candidate and officer status in the regular and Reserve components of the Navy.

CNRC is constantly seeking to recruit the best and brightest young men and women, and to selectively recruit those who are equipped to succeed in today’s high-tech Navy environment.

CNRC is headquarters for all active and reserve Navy recruiting worldwide. The CNRC headquarters has a staff of 202 military personnel and 149 civilian employees, with a worldwide staff of approximately 7,800.

There are approximately 6,100 recruiters working in nearly 1,350 recruiting stations across the United States, Europe and Japan. Each Navy recruiter is a highly-screened Sailor, ensuring the proper manning of the fleet, helping young men and women to accelerate their lives. Over the past few years, the dedicated CNRC team has recruited on average 58,000 enlisted Sailors and officers each year for the active and reserve components of the Navy.

CNRC relocated to NSA Mid-South from Arlington, Va., in the summer of 1999 to their new headquarters located in the Russell B. Johnson Building (S-784).

The headquarters staff continues to live up to the adage, “The Navy Recruiting Command is the first line of defense. No one in the Navy is making a greater direct and measurable contribution to our Navy’s fleet readiness than the Navy recruiter.”

If reporting on board CNRC or interested in becoming a part of the team that is on the first line of defense for our country, go to http://www.cnrc.navy.mil. For information about how the Navy can “Accelerate your life,” log on to http://www.navy.com.

Navy Operational Support Center

NOSC Memphis and NSA Mid-South have a long and rich history that can be traced to the birth of military aviation itself and to our country’s proudest moments.


NOSC Memphis was first established as Naval Air Reserve Unit Memphis in April 1949. It was a single unit responsible for training aircrew and maintenance personnel for the Naval Reserve. It was redesignated Naval Air Reserve Memphis on  April 1, 1983 along with all NARUs.


The Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center Memphis and Naval Air Reserve Memphis were merged in 1996 as part of the Base Realignment and Closure actions into what is known today as NOSC Memphis.


From this humble beginning over five decades ago, NOSC Memphis has evolved into the Navy’s finest Reserve Center. One of only two combined Air and Surface Reserve Centers in the nation, NOSC Memphis is now responsible for the training, readiness, manning and funding of all Surface and Naval Air Reserve assets located at NSA Mid-South. There are 28 units assigned to NOSC Memphis that cover nearly all areas of naval combat operations, ranging from Construction Battalions and Intelligence Commands, to Naval Support and Naval Hospitals. There are currently over 619 Selected Reservists assigned to these units.


The mission of NOSC Memphis is to support assigned personnel and equipment in order to maintain a state of readiness and availability, to provide operational support and enable rapid activation in support of full or partial mobilization, be capable of deploying worldwide within 72 hours of call-up; and, in meeting the mission, be the most customer-service oriented NOSC in the nation.


NOSC Memphis is a fully-integrated Naval Reserve team, dedicated to fulfilling their mission and executing the requirements established by the chain of command with absolute dependability and reliability. Resourceful and flexible, NOSC Memphis maintains the highest readiness and provides mission-ready personnel to meet the needs of the Navy with a superior organization, outstanding motivation and pride in command and personal performance. They are trendsetters, committed to establishing the standards of excellence for the Naval Reserve Force.


The essence of the Naval Reserve Force is etched on the granite of countless monuments across our country, dedicated to our country’s citizen Sailors. Each one is a solemn, majestic testimonial to the faithful, selfless service Naval Reservists have sacrificed throughout the history of our great land.

Navy Manpower Analysis Center

NAVMAC is located on the north side of NSA Mid-South in the Covington Building (C-1), adjacent to the golf course. NAVMAC is a field activity of Navy Personnel Command and reports directly to Chief of Naval Operations (N12) on the OPNAV Staff.


NAVMAC’s mission is to develop and document manpower requirements for all fleet activities within the Navy. NAVMAC provides direct support to the CNO in managing the Navy Manpower Requirements Program; provides manpower requirements determination support for Navy’s acquisition programs and initiatives; administers the officer and enlisted occupational classification structure; provides technical consulting services in all areas of manpower management to manpower managers, manpower claimants and OPNAV sponsors; provides functional management support for assigned manpower Automated Information Systems; provides direct support to CNO central authority to enforce policy or additional technical guidance needed to achieve objectives of total force manpower management; and performs other manpower analysis as directed by higher authority.


The Occupational Classification Programs Department is responsible for the Navy-wide management of occupational standards, and Navy enlisted and Navy officer classification structures.


The Manpower Programs Department provides manpower policy and analysis to shape manpower authorizations, manpower data and shore manpower; provides advice, guidance and technical consulting service to manpower managers and manpower claimants on manpower management; and maintains accuracy of the Total Force Manpower Management System manpower and assigned validation tables.


The Aviation Programs Department determines the quantity and quality of manpower required in a wartime environment for aviation squadrons, afloat Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Departments, Sea Operational Detachments, Van Operational Detachments and CVW staffs. They are responsible for developing new and updating existing aviation staffing standards and mathematical equations used to calculate the requirements necessary to perform prescribed tasking at varying levels of workload.


The Ship Programs Department determines the quantity and quality of manpower required for ships and afloat staffs to fight in a protracted warfare environment or a sustained war. They identify requirements and provide analysis for development of ship/fleet manpower documents.


The Acquisition Programs Department provides accurate, defensible and definable manpower resource data for new acquisition and major system acquisition program offices.


For additional information, visit their website at http://www.navmac.navy.mil.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Finance Center

The USACE, located in the Captain Edward L. Beach Hall (S-787), is a field operating activity of the Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Their mission is to provide operating finance and accounting day-to-day support and financial reporting for USACE activities worldwide. They provide a full range of customer service, disbursing, accounts management and financial reporting for appropriated, revolving and trust funds including foreign currency disbursements. The USACE Finance Center also performs extensive research and analysis, reconciliations and financial statement reviews.

The center maintains and improves the Corps of Engineers Financial Management System, the standard automated financial management system used throughout the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The USACE Finance Center employs approximately 265 individuals, primarily professional accountants and accounting technicians.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

The NCIS is a worldwide Federal Law Enforcement Agency staffed almost entirely by civilian Special Agents. The primary mission of the NCIS is to prevent terrorism, protect secrets and reduce crime for the Navy and Marine Corps communities throughout the world.


The Combating Terrorism Directorate directs NCIS support for efforts aimed at detecting, deterring and disrupting terrorism against Department of Navy personnel and assets worldwide, bringing a wide array of offensive and defensive capabilities to the mission of combating terrorism. Offensively, from the counterterrorism side, NCIS conducts investigations and operations aimed at interdicting terrorist activities. Defensively, from the antiterrorism side, NCIS supports key DoN leaders with protective services and performs vulnerability assessments of military installations and related facilities—including ports, airfields and exercise areas to which naval expeditionary forces deploy.


Presidential Executive Order 12333 defines counterintelligence as “information gathered and activities conducted to protect against espionage, other intelligence activities, sabotage or assassinations conducted for or on behalf of foreign powers, organizations or persons, or international terrorist activities.”


Within the DoN, NCIS has exclusive investigative jurisdiction in non-combat matters involving actual, potential or suspected terrorism, sabotage, espionage and subversive activities. Presidential Executive Orders 12958, 12968 and 12829 define national security information and establish the NCIS mission in safeguarding classified information and vetting personnel for trustworthiness. NCIS is the DoN’s primary law enforcement arm and investigates all major criminal offenses (felonies)—those crimes punishable under the Code of Military Justice by confinement of more than one year—within the DoN.


Crime poses a threat to every segment of today’s society, including the Navy and Marine Corps. These criminal threats can include homicide, arson, domestic violence, drug trafficking, as well as white-collar offenses such as procurement fraud or embezzlement.


The NCIS Resident Agency Memphis is located on the second floor and has an area of operational responsibility over all or part of eight states surrounding Tennessee. NCISRA Memphis also has satellite offices in St. Louis, Mo. at the National Personnel Records Center and in Crane, Ind. at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.


In addition to the above-described mission, NCIS also acts as the primary liaison between the Navy and Marine Corps with federal, state and local law enforcement authorities. Criminal or security violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, United States Code or state statutes should be reported to NCISRA Memphis at (901) 874-5387.

Emergency Care

A true medical emergency is the sudden and unexpected onset of a medical condition, or the acute worsening of a chronic condition that is a threat to loss of sight, life or limb and requires immediate medical attention and treatment. If faced with a true medical emergency, go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. CONTACT THE PCM WITHIN 24 HOURS FOR PROPER AUTHORIZATION.

Navy Office of Community Outreach

NAVCO is located on the third deck of the Community Services Building (S-456). They operate with a small staff of active duty officers and reserve representatives in 21 cities throughout the country, and are responsible for coordinating the Navy brand and image in non-fleet concentration areas in the United States. NAVCO also identifies supporting Navy participation at major community events nationwide. Requests for Navy aircraft flyovers and Navy band performances are scheduled and coordinated through NAVCO.


In addition, the office serves as a liaison between the American public and the Navy, and maintains ties with influential civilian leaders throughout the nation. NAVCO also assists fleet units in placing news items with regional media outlets, and administers the Navy’s “Caps for Kids” program. Call (901) 874-5800 for more information.

Health Benefits Advisors

For help with questions about TRICARE or CHAMPUS, the Civilian Health and Medical Program of Uniformed Services, contact the Health Benefits Advisors at (901) 874-6100, ext. 118 or 123. You may also e-mail questions to the HBAs at TRICARE bmc@mlh10.med.navy.mil.

Personnel Support Activity Detachment Memphis

PSD Memphis is located on the second deck of the Community Services Building (S-456). The detachment provides pay, personnel and transportation services to more than 140 active commands covering a 13-state area.

The majority of customer service is provided through each command’s Pass Liaison Representative. The PLR Program makes better use of personnel resources and streamlines processes and procedures. Customers route personnel action requests through their PLR who then forward necessary documents to the appropriate PSD clerk. When situations arise that PLRs cannot take care of, the PLR will make the Sailor an appointment with the respective clerk.

The Travel Section (901) 874-6371 processes approximately 2,710 military and Navy sponsored travel claims per month, including PCS, TAD, IDTT and ADT claims. Out-of-Pocket Expenditure claims are also processed.

The ID Card Section issues approximately 2,000 active duty, reserve and retired military and family member identification cards per month. The Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System may also be verified through the ID Card Office (901) 874-6421. The Transportation Section (901) 874-5896 provides service to all military-sponsored travelers throughout the Mid-South region. These services include CONUS/OUTCONUS TAD travel, PCS travel to overseas and deployable commands and Passport Applications. PSD’s customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Military and civilian staff may be reached at (901) 874-5954; the duty officer can be reached at (901) 389-8071.

Dental Services

All general and specialty phases of dentistry are available to active duty personnel except orthodontics.


The United Concordia Plan is available to all family members of active duty personnel. Dental is not authorized to provide treatment to enrolled members covered by the United Concordia Dental Plan. If family members are not currently enrolled, but desire to be, military sponsors should contact the local Personnel Support Activity Detachment office. Any questions regarding the United Concordia Dental Plan should be directed to the Health Benefits Advisors at the clinic (901) 874-6111. The Fleet and Family Support Center (901) 874-5075 can help find a dentist in the area that accepts the Concordia Plan.


Retired personnel and their family members are directed to the newly enacted Retired Member Dental Plan. Information on registration and membership may be obtained at the clinic (901) 874-5363 or the FFSC (901) 874-5075.


In addition, there is a new dental plan for the military reservist community. Please contact your Navy Operational Support Center for more information.


The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday, 7 a.m. to noon.


Dental sick call is dedicated to the treatment of urgent dental conditions that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment. Active duty personnel requiring annual dental examinations, overseas screenings and sea duty screenings are also seen at sick call.


Overseas screening for family members is provided at the clinic by appointment only. Active duty personnel have first priority due to mission-readiness requirements.


Sick call hours are Monday through Friday (except Thursday afternoons), 7:15 to 9 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m. True emergencies including severe bleeding, swelling, pain or injury are seen at any time.

Human Resources Office

The HRO Memphis Field Office, located in the Community Services Building (S-456), provides civilian personnel management support to 53 activities with a service population in excess of 1,200 civilian employees.


The Memphis Field Office serves as a liaison office with the Human Resources Service Center located at Stennis Space Center, Miss. to provide personnel and Equal Employment Opportunity servicing for all Department of Navy appropriated-fund civil service positions on the Navy Mid-South complex. On-site employee/labor relations, employee development and EEO programs are administered from this office. Additional information may be obtained by calling (901) 874-5324.

Pharmacy Services

At the Clinic

. Prescriptions issued by clinic physicians may be filled at the clinic during normal work hours for active duty and their families who are in TRICARE Prime and have selected the clinic as their Primary Care Manager. The clinic pharmacy also offers an over-the-counter program for active duty service members.


At the Navy Exchange.

Pharmacy services are available to all active duty service members, their family members, Medal of Honor recipients, and military retirees and their family members who are enrolled in DEERS with a valid ID card. Prescriptions from civilian providers may also be filled at this location. Formularies are available upon request, as all medications are not carried by the pharmacy. Inquiries concerning availability of medications can also be directed to the NEX Pharmacy at (901) 874-6121 or (901) 874-6122. Refills can be requested by phone by calling the toll free number at (888) 513-4164.


Pharmacy hours of operation: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Tuesday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thursday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Medical Services

Medical is a healthcare team dedicated to military readiness. Focused on delivering the highest quality health service, they promote wellness, provide education and training and facilitate optimal health of those entrusted to their care.


The clinic provides outpatient health care and health-related services for active duty, retirees and their family members who are enrolled in TRICARE Prime. They also provide occupational health care for base employees through surveillance programs and treatment of occupational injuries.


Offered are services such as immunizations, wellness programs and routine physicals for school, sports, driver’s licenses or work. Their patient care mission is supported by laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and pharmacy services. The clinic is part of the Naval Hospital Pensacola health care system.


Physical exams are routinely given to all active duty service members every five years. An appointment must be scheduled in advance for a physical exam. Call (877) 879-1621 to schedule an appointment for a retirement/separation and other special physicals. Overseas screenings and sea duty physicals must be scheduled by calling (901) 874-6100 ext. 138.


The clinic is located at the corner of Singleton and Intrepid avenues. Parking, including handicapped spaces, is in front of the clinic along with a wheelchair ramp.


The outpatient clinic desk, located in the main lobby, will assist with registration and can provide directions to any service in the clinic.


Priority for care is always given first to active duty personnel and next to their family members who are enrolled at the clinic under TRICARE Prime.


Eligibility for medical care at a military treatment facility, or using TRICARE benefits, is determined by a computer system called Defense Eligibility Reporting System. Present your Uniformed Services Identification Card (DD Form 1173) whenever visiting the facility for an appointment. This card is also used when filling any prescriptions at the pharmacy. The military ID card shows entitlement to health care. A TRICARE Prime card, showing enrollment at the clinic, should also be shown. If ID cards have expired, they must be renewed at the Personnel Support Activity Detachment Memphis prior to seeking medical care.


With four physicians, two independent duty corpsmen and a family nurse practitioner as their health delivery core, their dedicated team of registered nurses and technicians can take care of virtually all primary care needs. They practice continuity of care, which allows each patient to select their primary care manager (PCM) when enrolling at the clinic.


The outpatient clinic registers all patients, and the medical records clerk establishes and maintains medical records for their patients. Medical records are owned by the U.S. Government and must be maintained at the clinic; if it becomes necessary to take them to another facility, a release card must be signed to hand carry any record. The record should be returned to the facility as soon as possible so that they can maintain it and file any additional reports.


If a family member is transferring to another duty station with their spouse, they should hand carry their medical record to the nearest military treatment facility at the new location and leave a forwarding address.


Optometry services are available to active duty and their family members who are enrolled at the clinic, including vision screenings, complete eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and co-management of systemic disease with ocular complications. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (877) 879-1621. For additional information, contact the Optometry Department at (901) 874-6100, ext. 113.


All patients are seen by appointment. Hours of operation: Primary Care—Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Tuesday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to noon; and Saturday, 7:30 to 11 a.m.

U.S. Army Reserve Training Center

The United States Army Reserve Training Center is located in the Gardner Building  (S-786), Manning Hall (Building S-751), and (Buildings S-1615 and S-779). The center is under control of the 81st Regional Support Command, Birmingham, Ala. Approximately 1,000 reservists are trained monthly at this facility. They employ 31 full-time support personnel.

The following units are located on this installation: 330th Combat Support Hospital; 439th Medical Battalion; 380th Medical Company; 5th Brigade 100th Training Division; 9th Battalion 100th Training Division; 655th Transportation Company; 398th Chemical Company; 3410th Military Intelligence Detachment; and 416th Engineer Team.

Naval Legal Service Office Central Detachment

Naval Legal Service 
Office Central 
Detachment Memphis

Located in the McCandless Building (S-794), NLSO Central Detachment Memphis provides a myriad of legal services to personnel in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas and portions of Mississippi. The NLSO is staffed by certified Navy lawyers, legal men and civilian paralegal specialists who are trained in civil and military law.


The Legal Assistance Department provides civil law assistance to service members, their family members and retirees. Services include estate planning, preparation and execution of wills, living wills, powers of attorney, bills of sale, promissory notes, affidavits and related legal documents; advice on contracts, leases and disputed debts; assistance in resolving consumer issues, and filing complaints against merchants and businesses; legal advice and assistance in domestic matters; and preparing and submitting federal and state tax returns. Walk-ins are welcome on Monday, and by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The Defense Services Department provides legal counsel to personally advise service members on non-judicial punishment matters, summary courts-martial, administrative separation and medical board processing; lawyer representation at trial by courts-martial and administrative boards; advice and assistance to service members submitting rebuttal to adverse fitness reports and evaluations; and advice and assistance to service members in preparing complaints of wrong doing against superiors.


The Claims Department processes personnel claims, military claims and tort claims against the U.S. Government. This department also assists NLSO Central (Pensacola) in asserting claims on behalf of the U.S. Government to recover from third parties. The Claims Department can provide general information and forms to those who wish to file a claim against the government, and can assist those who are pursuing their own claims for personal injury against third parties.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

SARP is available to all active duty personnel, their family members and retired military, which includes screening evaluation for alcohol, drug or gambling problems; referral to treatment; individual or group counseling; and outreach and preventive educational services. SARP can also assist with information on local services such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous and other 12-step meetings. If you think a loved one has a problem with drugs, alcohol or gambling, call (901) 874-6100, ext. 168 for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Navy Band Mid-South

Navy Band Mid-South is the United States Navy’s premiere musical organization in the Mid-South region. The professional Navy musicians assigned to the band are all active duty service members performing full-time for the Navy. The ensembles within the band perform music ranging from Bach and Sousa to the most current pop, country and jazz hits.


Operating from Millington, the band is responsible for an 11-state area that stretches north into Indiana and Illinois, west into eastern Colorado and south into Mississippi and Alabama. As well as a traditional military ceremonial unit, the band maintains the following musical ensembles that perform a wide variety of music: Freedom—a dynamic, high-energy group of eight professional Navy musicians, specializing in a variety of today’s popular music; The Little Big Band—a nine-piece jazz group performing music ranging from traditional jazz standards and bebop to smooth jazz and R&B; and the Brass Ensemble—comprised of 11 talented musicians from all over the United States, their repertoire contains a variety of music ranging from light classical to patriotic favorites. Additionally, the Brass Ensemble is particularly well suited to perform instrumental clinics for high school and middle school music departments.


To request one of Navy Band Mid-South’s groups, please contact the operations coordinator at (901) 874-5785. Navy Band Mid-South also conducts official auditions for the Navy Music Program. For assistance and information, contact the audition supervisor at (901) 874-5785.

Tennessee Army National Guard

The Millington National Guard Armory building was named in honor of Colonel Paul R. Summers and dedicated Nov. 5, 1989. The unit was originally Co. C(-) Medical, 473rd Support Battalion. Due to a reorganization Sept. 1, 1997, it is now Detachment 1, 1171st Transportation Company that consists of heavy vehicle drivers and mechanics.

Joint Reserve Intelligence Center Memphis

JRIC Memphis reports to the Commander, Naval Reserve Intelligence Command via the Officer in Charge, Reserve Intelligence Area Three headquarters in New Orleans. With an active duty complement of two full-time support personnel and a civil service admin. officer, JRIC Memphis is responsible for providing administrative guidance, information systems administration, training and facilities support for two Naval Reserve Intelligence Units, one Naval Reserve Security Group Detachment and one Army Military Intelligence Operations Detachment. The four units collectively have a total membership in excess of 130 drilling Selected Reserve personnel.


The mission of the JRIC is to provide support to all branches of the Armed Forces where there are Selected Reserve personnel who are currently drilling from Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Reserve components. These dedicated reservists come to duty from at least 10 states, including Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Florida and Alabama. In addition to drilling the required one weekend each month, reservists assigned to JRIC Memphis annually perform a 2-week active duty training tour here or at the headquarters for their respective gaining commands.


The Joint Reserve Intelligence Program has always contributed a significant percentage to the gaining command’s “real time” intelligence needs. It is not uncommon for JRIC Memphis reservists to be mobilized under involuntary active duty orders, or to volunteer for long periods of active duty, performing missions work at the JRIC Memphis site or other locations around the world.

Navy Branch Health Clinic

The Navy Branch Health Clinic is located in the Benfold Center (Building S-771) and offers both medical and dental health care.

After Hours Care

If active duty or a family member, enrolled in TRICARE Prime with the clinic as the PCM, is in need of medical care after hours, call (800) 700-8607. Select the “Talk to your PCM” option, which will contact the doctor on call to discuss the medical problem and recommend a course of treatment. If the doctor determines that a hospital admission is necessary, the TRICARE network hospitals in the area are St. Francis Hospital, Baptist Hospitals or the Veteran’s Administration Hospital.


Remember: Never seek non-urgent medical care without first consulting with the PCM.

Navy Personnel Command

Navy Personnel Command was established on Oct. 1, 1998 as a result of Base ­Closure and Realignment Commission recommendations which relocated several functions of the Bureau of Naval Personnel from Washington, D.C., to Millington.


NPC supports the needs of the Navy by providing the fleet with the right person, in the right place, at the right time. NPC strives to satisfy Sailors’ personal goals and improve their quality of life; to provide them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities; promote and retain the best; and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all hands, by all hands, at all times.


Concentrated in five buildings, settled in a campus-style complex, NPC is the largest tenant command at NSA Mid-South, with a staff of nearly 2,000 active-duty officers and enlisted, and civilian employees.


The Jamie Whitten Building (S-791), houses the Career Management Department, comprised of more than 500 officer and enlisted detailers responsible for implementing policies regarding officer and enlisted assignments, placement, retention and career progression. They are also responsible for active duty and Reserve enlisted and officer promotions and appointments, officer and enlisted retirement requests, and monitoring programs that affect an individual’s career progression. The Enlisted and Officer Community Managers who relocated from Washington, D.C. recently joined this department. Other Whitten building offices include: Commander, NPC and staff; various offices that support the NPC mission; the Business Operations Department, responsible for the administration of functions relating to naval personnel records, and management of the Navy officer and enlisted evaluation and fitness report systems; the financial and day-to-day business operations of the Bureau of Naval Personnel; and the Corrections and Programs Division, which administers naval correction programs and disciplinary matters.

Wood Hall (Building S-769) is home to the Navy’s selection boards. Using state-of-the-art computer and display systems, selection board members meet in the “tank” to examine the records of thousands of Sailors competing for promotions or applying for special programs. More than 110 administrative and statutory selection boards, comprised of senior Sailors from throughout the fleet, meet in this building each year to help pick the Navy’s leaders of tomorrow.

The Lassen Building (S-457) houses most of NPC’s Fleet Support Department. They supervise various Sailor-facing programs that minister to the needs of Sailors and their family members worldwide, including providing policy and guidance for Navy casualties, career information, internal communications, behavioral health, drug and alcohol prevention programs, retired activities, and the Navy Music Program.

Goetsch Hall (Building S-768) is home to the Operations Department which includes the Center for Career Development. They track the latest information impacting career Sailors, and share that information with the fleet via Career Management Seminars held on Navy ships and shore commands worldwide. The Operations Department is also home to the Customer Service Center, which takes calls from the fleet via (866) U-ASK-NPC to the tune of 300 to 500 calls per day, answering information on career programs, board packages and miscellaneous questions. The NPC Communications Office rounds out the Operations Department in Goetsch Hall, providing up-to-date career and personnel policy information to fleet Sailors via the newly designed BUPERS website, http://www.bupers.navy.mil, articles on Navy NewsStand or via direct-to-Sailor TV spots, career guides and other methods. Goetsch Hall is also home to the Navy Music Program, where detailers for the Navy musicians reside.

The Capodanno Building (S-785) is home to the Navy Personnel Research, Studies and Technology Department that is responsible for conducting studies on business processes throughout the Navy, and evaluating the program effectiveness and relevance of various Navy programs. NPRST has 70 employees: 40 researchers with master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology, economics, operations research, mathematics, statistics and computer science; and 30 support staff. Employees of NPRST possess a unique blend of functional and scientific expertise to perform research on Navy personnel processes. NPRST investigates, develops and validates new technologies, methods and business processes to improve the readiness, performance and quality of life of Sailors and Marines.

The Capodanno Building is also home to the Spishock Technical Library, available to all personnel working at NSA Mid-South. The library houses more than 11,000 books, CD ROMs, audiotapes and videocassettes; 300 current periodical subscriptions; 9,000 bound volumes; and 85,000 technical reports focusing on personnel issues, statistics, psychological assessment, training, quality of life and management. Operated by NPRST, library hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

From official changes of duty station to the implementation of quality of life programs, NPC has a tremendous impact on every Sailor, officer and enlisted, throughout the United States Navy.

U.S. Army Veterinary Services

The Veterinary Treatment Facility at 5907 Savitz Drive provides basic care for animals. Vaccinations for dogs include: rabies, distemper (seven vaccines in one) and bordetella. For cats: rabies, distemper (five in one) and leukemia. Tests performed include heartworm, feline leukemia, skin scrapes/checks, ear swabs/checks and fecals.

If you live on base, it is mandatory per base regulations that your pet is registered with the Veterinary Clinic and Security. Dogs must have a heartworm test and vaccinations updated yearly; cats must have vaccinations updated yearly.

All dogs and cats living on base must be micro-chipped. Pets traveling overseas must also be micro-chipped. The Veterinary Clinic issues travel health certificates for pets traveling between the states and overseas. Owners who are taking their pets overseas are responsible for finding out what paperwork is needed to take pets into that country.

The Veterinary Clinic sells heartworm preventative, flea and tick control, shampoos and vitamins. Due to limited personnel, surgery will be limited to spays and neuters on a will-call basis.

If there is an emergency, take your pet to a civilian veterinarian in the area. Listings can be found in the telephone book.

To make an appointment, or for more information, call (901) 874-5420, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If your pet has a record, please bring it with you so a new record will not have to be established.

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Midwest

Naval Facilities 
Engineering Command 
Midwest, Public Works 
Department Mid-South

Serving more than 47 supported commands and a workforce of more than 7,000 military and civilian personnel, the Public Works Department provides a full range of Facilities Services Support from Project Development to Transportation Management Services.


The Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Branch provides professional engineering services, contracting and project execution. The Facility Maintenance and Facility Services Branch provides Base Operating Services contract performance assessments on service calls, preventive maintenance, janitorial, grounds and pest control services. The Requirements Branch provides work induction, client interface, requirements validation and project planning and development. The Planning and Project Development Branch provides master planning, space management and real estate services. The Environmental Branch provides environmental compliance, pollution prevention and natural resources management services. The Self Help Seabees provide project planning, oversight and materials management for supported commands who wish to execute their own projects. Inmate Control provides transportation, supervision and training for all inmate labor from the federal prison who are utilized to supplement janitorial and grounds maintenance.


The Public Works Department supports the military and civilian team from the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and reserve components on behalf of the Installation Commander onboard Naval Support Activity Mid South. In that effort, PWD executes more than $20 million in construction and maintenance projects annually.


The base is comprised of 175 buildings with 2.68 million square feet of space, approximately 1,479 acres of land including 385 leased acres, facility management for the Carderock Large Cavitation Channel on Presidents Island, with an overall physical plant valued close to $1 billion dollars.


The Public Works Department goal is to provide the outstanding customer services and support at the right price, at the right time.


Public Works Officer (901) 874-5901

Work Induction (901) 874-5678

Facilities Engineering Director

(901) 874-5613

Service Calls, 24 hours (901) 874-5744

Facilities Maintenance Director

(901) 874-5923

Base Development (901) 874-5625

Space Management (901) 874-5626

Seabees Self-Help (901) 874-5917

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A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter assigned to Task Force Eagle Assault, 5-101 Combat Aviation Brigade, flies over the rugged terrain of eastern Afghanistan, July 28, 2015. The helicopters and crews of Eagle Assault provide critical air movement of troops and air weapons support to Train Advise Assist Command-East.A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter assigned to Task Force Eagle Assault, 5-101 Combat Aviation Brigade, flies over the rugged terrain of eastern Afghanistan, July 28, 2015. The helicopters and crews of Eagle Assault provide critical air movement of troops and air weapons support to Train Advise Assist Command-East.
Soldiers primarily are called upon to defend physical land on the battlefield for America and its allies. But…