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U.S. Army Dental Activity

U.S. Army Dental Activity

Ft Carson_2019 Health Services U.S. Army Dental Activity

Complete dental care is available for all active-duty Soldiers. Fort Carson has state-of-the-art dental facilities. Commanders and first sergeants will direct Soldiers to the appropriate facility. There are five dental clinics on Fort Carson:

  • Dental Clinic #1 – 6990 Quinn St., building 2356, 719-526-2200
  • Dental Clinic #2 – 1650 Cochran Circle, building 7503, 719-503-7167
  • Larson Dental Clinic – 1227 Felkins St., building 1227, 719-526-3330
  • Smith Dental Clinic – 2280 Hogan St., building 1855, 719-526-5400
  • Hospital Dental Clinic (Oral Surgery) – 1650 Cochran Circle, building 7500, room 2806, 719-526-7100

For more information, call DENTAC Headquarters at 719-526-2006.

Due to limited resources and an emphasis on active-duty dental readiness, there is no space available for Family members. Family members of active-duty Soldiers may apply to be enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program. Services covered under TDP include endodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontics, crowns and other cast restorations in addition to preventive, diagnostic, emergency, anesthesia and restorative services. Enrollment forms may be downloaded at or obtained by visiting a local uniform service personnel office, dental treatment facility or Evans Army Community Hospital’s Patient Representative Office. For more information, call United Concordia at 800-866-8499.


After-hours dental emergencies (bleeding, swelling or trauma) should report to Evans Army Community Hospital emergency room.

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