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Fort Belvoir is an Army post on the Potomac River in Fairfax County, Virginia. It’s a large post that’s divided into three main areas: the main post, Davidson Army Airfield, and Fort Belvoir North. Settled on land that was once a plantation, and founded during World War I, Fort Belvoir originally served as a training school for the U.S. Army Engineers. Now, nineteen agencies and numerous divisions, battalions, and commands use Fort Belvoir as their operating headquarters. You’ll also find the U.S. Army Prime Power School, a Marine detachment, the U.S. Army Audit Agency, and more. As of the 2010 census, 7,100 people lived in the census designated place that encompasses the post and over 51,000 people worked there. Read on to find out how to transition into your new home at Fort Belvoir.
  1. Where Is Fort Belvoir?
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  3. Getting There – Directions to the Post
  4. Entering Fort Belvoir and Post Amenities
  5. Where Should I Live Near Fort Belvoir?
  6. Fort Belvoir Schools
  7. Fort Belvoir Weather
  8. Things to Do Near Fort Belvoir

Where is Fort Belvoir?

9625 Middleton Road Building 1189 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-4084

Fort Belvoir Map

Fort Belvoir Directions

Fort Belvoir is 21 miles south of Washington, D.C. It’s a short drive from major metro suburbs and many other military installations.

Driving Directions to Fort Belvoir

From D.C.
  1. Take I-395 S
  2. Merge onto I-95 S
  3. Take Exit 166A toward Fort Belvoir
  4. Follow VA-286 S to Fort Belvoir
From the South
  1. Take I-95 N to Mount Vernon
  2. Take Exit 161 to US-1 N
  3. Turn right onto Pohick Rd
  4. Continue onto 12th Street
  5. Follow Signs to Fort Belvoir
From the West
  1. Take I-66 E to VA-286 S
  2. Merge onto VA-286 S/Fairfax County Parkway
  3. Take the ramp to I-95
  4. Turn Right onto Pohick Rd
  5. Continue onto 12th Street
  6. Follow Signs to Fort Belvoir


The Amtrak Auto Station in Lorton, VA is the closest rail station to post. It’s a short 15 minute car ride.


The Greyhound bus stop in Springfield VA is a brief 20 minute drive from the post.

Public Transportation

If you happen to be in the metro area, there are buses and subways from D.C. that will take you to Fort Belvoir for much less than the cost of a Greyhound or Amtrak ticket.

Flights to Fort Belvoir

There are several airports surrounding the fort that serve domestic flights, though none of them are very close. If you are coming from somewhere via plane, one of the best options might be to fly to D.C. and take public transportation into post, or simply take a cab from the airport.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

2401 Smith Blvd. Arlington, VA 22202

Fort Belvoir Transportation Office

If you’re still puzzling over your options, the transportation office can help. They’ll assist you in finding the best route for your exact circumstances, whether you’re coming by yourself or with family and a house full of furniture.

Fort Belvoir Transportation Office

9325 Gunston Road Building 1466 Suite N110 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-4900 Entering Fort Belvoir and Post Amenities

Entering Fort Belvoir and Post Amenities

You’ll need to provide your military ID for inspection by gate personnel to secure entry into the post. Your spouse and/or children will need a dependent ID card in order to gain access. If you’re driving, you’ll likely have to show your license and registration. If you’re driving a rental car, then the rental agreement will suffice. If you’re visiting for an event or other activity, you’ll need to stop by the visitor center and get a pass.

Check-in Procedures for Incoming Personnel

Soldiers will need to check in with their unit of assignment, then move on to the welcome center. Bring your assignment orders and arrive in duty uniform.

Fort Belvoir Welcome center

18th St. Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-4084

Fort Belvoir Visitor Center

Visitors to Fort Belvoir will need to check in here to secure a visitor pass. Use Tulley Gate to enter the installation.

Fort Belvoir Visitor Center

9500 Pohick Rd Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-4892

Fort Belvoir DEERS

Turn up at the DEERS office at Fort Belvoir to get your CAC and ID cards for yourself or family, enroll in DEERS for the first time, or reset your pin.

Fort Belvoir DEERS Office

9625 Middleton Road Bldg. 1189 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703)-805-5578

Fort Belvoir Gate Hours

Please check for updated gate hours, as they may change suddenly and without notice.
  • J.J. Kingman Gate

    : Monday-Friday 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. /Exit Only 3-6 p.m.
  • Tulley Gate

    : Monday-Sunday 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Please note, Tulley Gate Visitor Center is open weekdays 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. After hours and weekends, visitors and commercial traffic must use Lieber Gate.
  • Pence Gate

    : Closed
  • Farrar Gate (Entrance to Davison Army Airfield)

    : 24/7. Open 24/7 to authorized personnel only
  • Lieber Gate

    : 24/7
  • Telegraph Gate

    : Closed
  • Walker Gate

    : Closed
Fort Belvoir Commissary

Fort Belvoir Commissary

Stop by to find a variety of products and supplies to keep in stock during your time on post.

Fort Belvoir Commissary

6050 Gorgas Rd Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-6674

Fort Belvoir Commissary Hours

  • Monday-Friday

    - 0900 to 2100
  • Saturday

    - 0800 to 2000
  • Sunday

    - 0900 to 1900

Fort Belvoir Exchange

At Fort Belvoir Exchange, you’ll find a barber shop, several food vendors, laundry, cell phone repair, and much more.

Fort Belvoir Exchange

8651 John J Kingman Rd Bldg 2321 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 806-5416

Fort Belvoir Exchange Hours

  • Monday-Saturday

    - 0900 to 1900
  • Sunday

    - 1000 to 1800
Fort Belvoir Barber Shop

Fort Belvoir Barber Shop

There are multiple barber shops on post to keep your hair looking fresh.

Barber Shop Locations and Hours

Fort Belvoir Main PX Barbershop

8651 John J Kingman Rd Bldg 2321 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 799-4975


  • Monday-Saturday

    - 0900 to 1700
  • Sunday

    - 1000 to 1900

Fort Belvoir Square Barber Shop

9142 E, Richmond Hwy Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (571) 509-0949


  • Monday-Friday

    - 0900 to 1900
  • Saturday

    - 0900 to 1800
  • Sunday

    - 0900 to 1700

Southpost Barber Shop

6014 12th St Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 781-3770


  • Monday-Saturday

    - 0900 to 1700
  • Sunday

    - 1000 to 1500

Gino Morena Enterprises

9300 DeWitt Loop Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 781-5820

Fort Belvoir Post Office

The U.S. post office at Fort Belvoir offers everything you’ll need to mail packages and letters, buy stamps, and pick up incoming parcels.

Fort Belvoir Post Office

5875 21st St Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (800) 275-8777


  • Monday-Friday

    - 0900 to 1700
  • Saturday

    - 0900 to 1300
  • Sunday

    - Closed
Fort Belvoir Finance Office

Fort Belvoir Finance Office

At the finance office on post, you’ll find help with a variety of financial issues. Make an appointment to talk about strategies for managing your money, forming a budget, planning for retirement, and supporting your family. The resources and friendly staff at the finance office are here to help you succeed through and beyond your military career.

Fort Belvoir Finance Office

9875 Michie Place Bldg 219 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (800) 275-8777

Fort Belvoir Finance Office Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    - 0800 to 1200 and 1300 to 1530
  • Wednesday

    - 0830 to 1200
The legal office on post is open for soldiers and their families who come up against specific legal challenges. Here the available attorneys will help you navigate the complex minutiae of the law and figure out a good strategy to move forward. You will also find notary and power of attorney services here.

Fort Belvoir Legal Office

9990 Belvoir Drive Bldg. 257 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 805-2856

Fort Belvoir Legal Office Hours


: Attorney consultations are by appointment only.
  • Monday - Thursday

    - 0900 to 1500
  • Friday

    - 0900 to 1400

Fort Belvoir Library

The library at Fort Belvoir has services and resources for everyone. In addition to their collection of books, music, and movies, they provide story hours for children, reading groups, study areas, free wifi, gaming groups, and more.

Fort Belvoir Library

9800 Belvoir Road Bldg 200 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060


: 1 (703) 805-4244 Hotels Near Fort Belvoir

Hotels Near Fort Belvoir

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Fort Belvoir Alexandria South

8843 Richmond Hwy Alexandria, VA 22309


: 1 (703) 619-7026

Candlewood Suites Alexandria - Fort Belvoir

8847 Richmond Hwy Alexandria, VA 22309


: 1 (703) 780-1111

Best Western Mount Vernon/Ft. Belvoir

8751 Richmond Hwy Alexandria, VA 22309


: 1 (703) 360-1300

Embassy Suites by Hilton Springfield

8100 Loisdale Rd Springfield, VA 22150


: 1 (571) 339-2000 Where Should I Live Near Fort Belvoir?

Where Should I Live Near Fort Belvoir?

When looking for a home near Fort Belvoir, there are a lot of good choices. The factors that are going to be key to your decision are probably things like cost of living, home and rent prices, access to amenities, and neighborhood atmosphere. Read on for a sampling of surrounding areas and their respective characteristics. If you’re considering living on post, check out the available on-post housing options. Otherwise, read on to find out more about living off post.

Cities Near Fort Belvoir

The two biggest cities near Fort Belvoir are Alexandria and Washington, D.C. These are both major U.S. cities with metropolitan areas and plenty of great neighborhoods to settle down in.

Best Places to Live Near Fort Belvoir

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a majorly historic city filled with over 700,000 people. There are so many things to see and do here, a fact that’s affirmed by the close to 25 million tourists who visited in 2019 alone. Jobs are available in all sectors and at every salary range. The industry is booming here, with a GDP of $141 million. If you see yourself in a bustling metropolitan area, or even in a quieter neighborhood on the banks of the Potomac, then this could be the city for you.


Close to post and populated by a modest 12,000 people, Newington is a census-designated place founded in 1760. It’s a quaint and intimate place with its share of amenities, like parks and restaurants and access to highways and neighboring cities. At just a 15-minute drive from post, though, it’s hard to beat.


Alexandria is a much smaller city than D.C., with an estimated population of just under 160,000. The historic district of Old Town is home to many cultural centers and entertainment options that’ll keep you busy for a long time. The city is full of professionals who work for the government in support or active military roles. You’ll find a wealth of neighborhoods with varying price points like Braddock Heights, Rosemont, and the Berg.


Woodbridge is another census-designated place near post, with a huge coast and a natural wildlife preserve. The population of Woodbridge was over 54,000 as of the 2010 census. Inside Woodbridge, you’ll find a lot of great shopping, including Potomac Town Centre and Potomac Mills. Home prices are good in this suburban, family friendly area.

Mason Neck

Mason Neck is a small census-designated place on the peninsula of Mason Neck. It takes up just 20 square miles and houses just 2,000 people. Mason Neck is a nature enthusiast’s paradise. It’s home to wetlands, state parks, and a wide variety of wildlife living alongside the human population. Best of all, it’s just a 20-minute drive to post. If rural living is your jam, then this could be the place for you. Look for homes and apartments for rent or sale on AHRN.com

Hot Tip: Look for Fort Belvoir homes and apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing information at AHRN.com.

For Belvoir Schools

Fort Belvoir Schools

The closest school district to Fort Belvoir is Fairfax County Public. You’ll find the schools conveniently right on post. More options are also available in the surrounding area, including private school options. Daycare is available at the child development centers around Fort Belvoir. And don’t forget about the library programs like storytime and other group activities for children. For more detailed information about schools, check out our guide here.  For Belvoir Weather

Fort Belvoir Weather

The temperature around post is generally moderate, with a hot season that lasts over 3 months and can spike above the 80s. It can get muggy and wet in the summers. In the winter, temperatures are in the 20s and 30s with freezing conditions in the mornings. There’s a good amount of cloud coverage year-round, with overcast days becoming relatively common in the winter months. Spring and fall are short, with temperatures declining or inclining into the following season. It’ll be cool for the most part and long sleeves will likely be necessary. For a full guide to Fort Belvoir Weather, read more here. Things to do Near Fort Belvoir

Things to do Near Fort Belvoir

Because Fort Belvoir is close to the metro areas of two major U.S. cities, there’s no shortage of things to do. Museums, monuments, and culture all await. With the wilderness preserves, national parks, and wetlands surrounding the Potomac and various bays and inlets, there’s also a plethora of outdoor activities to engage in as well. You could find yourself kayaking down the river or following the nesting habits of the area’s many bald eagle families. For a complete list of things to do near Fort Belvoir, access our guide here. Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively at MyBaseGuide.com

Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for Fort Belvoir at MyBaseGuide.


Fort Belvoir is rich with activity, and if you’re lucky enough to be stationed here, you’ll never be bored. There’s something here for wilderness lovers, city dwellers, and the intellectually curious. Your kids will grow up in a family-friendly place with lots to do and get involved with, and with access to the diverse offerings of major cities. Finding yourself at Fort Belvoir is a great opportunity to really have it all.  

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