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Located in the American Midwest, Missouri is known for its affinity for music, BBQ, and the American Dream. The Show-Me State has plenty to offer, and that includes important military institutions that are helping keep the United States at the top of the world when it comes to military strength. Missouri isn’t home to the largest collection of military bases, but there are still some around. The military bases in Missouri help maintain and train our Armed Forces.

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What Military Base Is in Missouri?

Missouri is home to two military bases throughout the state. You’ll find both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army operating military bases in MO. As is common for many landlocked states, you won’t find a military base in Missouri dedicated to the U.S. Navy or the U.S. Coast Guard, as there is no coastline. The U.S. Marines did have a previous military installation known as Marine Corps Mobilization Command for its reserves, but it is no longer active. Explore the bases in Missouri that are still active in helping to keep America a safer place.

Whiteman Air Force Base

In the rural city of Knob Noster, Missouri, you’ll find a facility operated by the USAF with an important task: maintaining B-2 stealth bombers. The B-2 has made a name for itself in Afghanistan as an effective, stealthy bomber capable of taking out enemies and leaving without a trace. Whiteman Air Force Base assisted in the longest bombing run ever and is also home to military members from other branches, including the Army, Navy, Navy Reserve, and National Guard.

Fort Leonard Wood

Looking for Army bases in Missouri will have you quickly discovering this military institution in the Ozarks. Fort Leonard Wood military base in Missouri serves America as a training facility for the U.S. Army as well as an airfield for those in the region. Earning the nickname “Fort Lost in the Woods of Misery,” of the military bases in Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood is known for its isolation and unforgiving terrain. Many people who serve in the Army will find themselves training at Fort Leonard Wood at some point, like it or not. Everyone from non-combat Soldiers to engineers to those looking to advance through leadership roles will likely train at the facilities here.

Military Base in St. Louis, Missouri

While there are offices for the USCG, a military entrance processing center, and stations for both the Army Reserve and Naval Reserve, St. Louis, MO, doesn’t have a military base. The city of St. Louis, Missouri, is a great place for military personnel to visit when possible, however, as it's known for its sports teams, nightlife, music, and food.

The Show-Me State Hides Its Purpose in Military Bases

You may see the results, but you won’t see them coming. Missouri’s role in keeping the United States safe starts with training the best troops on the planet and ends with using advanced technology to accurately deliver a payload. From B-2 stealth bombers to some of the toughest training facilities available, Missouri continues to present major contributions to the American Armed Forces. The military bases in Missouri aren’t plentiful, but they are mission-critical. Their roles help save lives and preserve freedom through education, experience, and advances in technology.

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