By Olivia Rigby
Taxes are something that everyone dreads, except maybe accountants and the IRS. Tax season is stressful for everyone, but it can be especially stressful as a military service member trying to factor in deployments, PCSing, and any other military-specific things. Thankfully, a new tax software called MilTax will become available in January 2023 that factors in all the complicated things about military service! Keep reading to learn more about MilTax and why it’s so great.

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What Is Military OneSource MilTax?

Military OneSource is offering this new free MilTax software to service members starting in January 2023. The MilTax software is made to factor in things like deployments, housing and rentals, multi-state filings, combat and training pay, living outside of the U.S., and more. With all of these things factored into the tax software, this is a great resource for military members. The software even offers one-on-one help from military tax experts for free. Everyone knows that taxes are complicated and annoying, especially if you’re filing as a military service member. This is perfect for those who need a little extra help on a budget.

MilTax Login

The first step for accessing MilTax is obviously creating a MilTax login. Because MilTax is offered through Military OneSource, you will need to create a Military OneSource login if you haven’t already. After creating a Military OneSource login, you can head to the MilTax page on Military OneSource. A big red button saying “Login To Start” will be on that page, but since the new software isn’t available until January 2023, keep in mind this button won’t be there until the first of the month. Follow the prompts, and you’ll be easily filing your taxes in no time! In case you run into some trouble, watch the video below that explains how you can get access to MilTax.

MilTax vs. TurboTax

TurboTax is another common tax filing service that’s (mostly) free. It also has features that can help you factor in the complicated specifics of military life. So, which one is better? A Reddit thread goes into depth with some MilTax review comments as well as comparisons between the older version of MilTax and other tax services. Overall, MilTax is the best option that most military personnel have seen. However, if you’ve got some super specific tax filings – one user mentioned the IRS form 8598 – MilTax may not be able to support that. Keep in mind, however, that this thread is from 2018; things might have changed since then. If you’re wondering what MilTax can and cannot do for you, you can reach out to a Military Tax Consultant on the MilTax page.

Can Veterans Use MilTax?

The software seems pretty sweet, but if you’re a Veteran searching for a MilTax for Veterans service, we’ve got some sad news for you. Veterans do not qualify for the MilTax program. However, if you’re a Veteran who has left your military service in the last 365 days (the last year), you can still use MilTax to file your taxes! MilTax is a great resource for military service members. Plus, it’s free! MilTax will be available in January of 2023, and if you need help filing, there’s free help available for you. Though there are other tax services available, MilTax is definitely the way to go.

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