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Contributions from the NASA Langley Research Center aim to develop aviation and further technology for space exploration. The research center is located in close proximity to Joint Base Langley-Eustis, highlighting their strong connection to the nation’s military. Discover more about the important military contributions made at the research center.

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What Is the NASA Langley Research Center?

The research center was first established in 1917 as the nation’s first civilian aeronautics laboratory. It’s currently located in Hampton, Virginia, and is within close proximity to Langley Air Force Base – only a minute or two outside the gates. The research center itself spans 764 acres of land and consists of more than 200 facilities. Langley works on improvements to aviation, development of space technology for deeper space exploration, and expands upon our understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere. The NASA Langley Research Center location is listed below:

Badge and Pass Office Address

2 Langley Blvd. Hampton, VA 23681

Mailing Address

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center Hampton, VA 23681-2199

Military Contributions

Over the years, the research center has made many contributions to military advancement and technology. In the past, Langley was essential in the drag cleanup studies to improve military aircraft in WWII. They’ve also made pivotal improvements to space exploration, contributing to the mission of the USAF. The research center is partnered with the military to help conduct important research for our nation’s protection. The NASA Langley Research Center has made many contributions and advancements to important craft and projects, including:
  • BAI Exdrone BQM-147A
  • Boeing AV-8 Harrier
  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
The BAI Exdrone BQM-147A was one notable project and configuration the research center helped with. Langley assisted with remedying low-speed flight characteristics. They also helped with research and testing to learn configurations for modifications that could be made to improve speed. Research on the Boeing AV-8 Harrier was also conducted by Langley. They provided a wind-tunnel database to help with the design of the wing. Langley provided research and engineering development in their work on the Boeing AV-8 Harrier. The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III was another contribution the research center assisted with. They helped with research and development on an externally blown flap concept that allowed for slow and steep approaches (even with a heavy payload). Langley conducted a lot of research and tests for the development of wing configurations and more. These are only a couple small examples of the work the NASA Langley Research Center has done to contribute to military success. Over the years, there have been so many projects Langley has taken on and assisted with. They have been a major influence and asset in military advancement and will continue to aid the armed forces with the enhancement of military aircraft and technology.


Are you interested in getting involved with cutting-edge research? The NASA Langley Research Center offers career opportunities for professionals. They currently employ around 3,400 civil servants and contractors. If you’re interested in joining the team, their career page lists all open positions. The NASA Langley Research Center careers include jobs that range from astronauts to writers. This is a great opportunity for anyone who may be about to ETS or is looking for an exciting career change. The NASA Langley Research Center has made out-of-this-world contributions to military operations. They focus on developing technology, studying our Earth’s atmosphere, and so much more. They offer virtual tours of the center for anyone interested in learning more about the operations and facilities at the research center. The NASA Langley Research Center map can also be found on the NASA website if you find yourself prepping for a visit. Be sure to check it out and follow the research center on social media to stay updated on new discoveries, technology, and more!

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