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What do DC and Marvel have in common with the U.S. Armed Forces? They’re all filled with their fair share of superheroes! On April 28th, a.k.a. National Superhero Day, we’re celebrating more than just the likes of Moon Knight, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man. We’re giving thanks to the everyday superheroes in the military.

Give back to military superheroes

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What Is National Superhero Day?

When is National Superhero Day, and what is it, exactly? The day is celebrated every year on April 28th, marking the anniversary of when it was first created. It might not surprise most of you to learn that National Superhero Day was created by Marvel Comics back in 1995. The date isn’t restrictive to Marvel superheroes, however. Originally, National Superhero Day was simply used to celebrate the medium of comics and the role superheroes have played in making the medium so popular. All superheroes, including those from rivals Marvel and DC, have historically been celebrated on April 28th. As the day got more and more popular, the superheroes we celebrated started to become even more inclusive with the addition of real-life heroes, like military members. Today, it’s commonplace for military members, fictional comic book heroes, and civilian heroes to all receive praise and celebration on April 28th.

Celebrating Real-Life Heroes on National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day 2022 gives us a chance to look at the individuals in our military as the heroes they are. Our U.S. Armed Forces personnel answer the call day in and day out to serve our nation and save us from malevolent forces that wish to do us harm. Those forces may not be extraterrestrial threats – like Thanos, Dormammu, or General Zod – but real-life villainous individuals and organizations – like Al-Qaeda, Nazis, and ISIS – have posed a similar threat that could only be stopped or quelled with the help of our real-life military superheroes. Without our Armed Forces, the country and world at large would be helplessly exposed to threats and attacks on all fronts. That’s why Superhero Day is a perfect celebration for us to remind ourselves of the sacrifices military members make to ensure the safety of the country.

Branches of the Military As Superheroes

silhouettes of military members Ever wondered which branch of the military famous superheroes embody? Well, we have some opinions about that!


Captain America, having been canonically in the Army himself during WWII, is the perfect representation of our Soldiers. He has increased agility, super strength, and increased endurance, not to mention he can run exceptionally quickly. He’s the perfect, all-around superhero that’s a great fit for Army representation.

Air Force

Superman possesses super speed and can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes. If that doesn’t scream Air Force, we’re not sure what does! Plus, Superman has been underrated by comic book lovers and casual fans of superheroes alike, so he has a lot in common with the so-called “chair force.”


In the majority of conflicts and battles, the Marines are the first to put boots on the ground and start shooting the bad guy. Remind you of anyone? We know a certain caped crusader who’s always there, lurking in the shadows, when people need help. Batman is a great example of Marine courage and commitment. A special consideration for the Marines is the Punisher, though he often plays as an anti-hero. He received tons of training directly from the Marines and is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. He’s definitely got the toughness and resolve that Marines are known for!

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is often forgotten about as part of the U.S. Armed Forces because they generally fall under the jurisdiction of the Navy and are the smallest branch of the Armed Forces. This is why Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four is a great representative for the Coast Guard. Let’s face it, she’s never going to get her own movie, and her powers of invisibility definitely speak to how often the Coast Guard is forgotten about as an important part of the military.


You were all thinking it! The Navy HAS to be Aquaman! His strength, control over the water, and exceptional skill in combat all speak to the Navy’s amazing work and expertise. His ability to seamlessly transition between aquatic and land-based combat is the perfect parallel to the Navy’s capabilities on all terrains.

Space Force

Captain Marvel was a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force long before she gained her powers and began teaming up with extraterrestrial allies. Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, can fly, and she has the power to control radiation and gravity, which would come in handy up there in space!

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Happy National Superhero Day!

On Superhero Day 2022, take some time to thank the superheroes whose hands you can actually shake. Superhero Day may have started with fictional characters who can fly and have magical powers, but we all know that there are tons of real superheroes among us who don’t get nearly enough credit and praise. On April 28th, wish your closest military member a happy National Superhero Day!

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