By Meaghan MacDougall
The United States Navy is now offering potential future Sailors up to $115,000 with the new Navy enlistment bonus. Navy recruits and other service Veterans are also able to receive the bonuses and loan repayments.

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New Navy Enlistment Bonus

In February of 2022, the Navy raised the maximum enlistment bonus to $50,000 to recruit and attract “high-quality future Sailors.” Along with the maximum bonus, the Navy is now adding the opportunity for members to receive $65,000 in loan repayments. Although gaining a bonus of $115,000 for joining the Navy sounds like a great deal, there are a few qualifications you need to meet to be able to gain all of the bonuses and loan forgiveness.

Navy Sign-On Bonus Eligibility

First and foremost, to qualify to receive the Navy bonuses, potential future sailors and re-enlisting Veterans must be available to leave for training by the end of September 2022. Veterans also must be entering active duty in the pay grade E-4 or below. Veterans also must meet specific Navy bonus eligibility requirements and must not have received a bonus during their first enlistment. Specifically for Navy Veterans, they must have had either their last active-duty tour or active-duty training in either the U.S. Navy or the U.S. Navy Reserves. They also must have already been discharged from the Navy or have been released for at least 24 hours.

How To Get the Navy Signing Bonus

To receive the maximum $50,000 Navy signing bonus, it requires you to enlist into specific jobs and be able to be shipped out to boot camp as soon as possible. The largest Navy enlistment bonus is $38,000 for Sailors who are eligible for and are interested in joining the Navy’s nuclear power program. High school seniors who graduate before July 2023 and are interested in enlisting in the Navy are being offered $10,000 to enter the delayed-entry program by the end of October 2022. They’re also offering a Navy enlisted pay of $10,000 for a recruit in any job who’s willing to attend boot camp between now and the end of September of 2022. Any Veteran of any branch who rejoins and accepts the Navy reenlistment bonus 2022 will need to go through a three-week-long Naval Orientation Course at Great Lakes, Illinois, where the Navy’s boot camp facility is located. Navy Veterans who rejoin and accept the Navy reenlistment bonus 2022 will have to go through even less training and just participate in processing.

Navy Enlistment Loan Repayment Program

Although the Navy enlistment bonus 2022 does require future Sailors and Veterans to meet requirements and qualifications to be able to receive the Navy sign-up bonus, the loan repayment program has far fewer requirements. The loan repayment program is available to each person with any job regardless of when they’re shipped out. The program allows the Navy to cover any student loans that were taken out before a Sailor enlisted in the Navy. For future Sailors to be eligible, the program must be listed as a guarantee on their current annex to DD Form 4. The United States military has been struggling to find recruits in general this year, and the Navy enlistment bonus is just another result of the U.S. military doing what they can to find the most eligible and high-quality recruits they can.

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