By Buddy Blouin
For over 130 years, the Army and the Navy have been coming together in the spirit of tackling the h*ll out of each other for several hours over an oval ball. On Saturday, December 10, 2022, they’re poised to do it all over again. That’s right everyone; the always highly-anticipated Army-Navy game will soon be upon us, and for the 2022 rendition, the hype surrounding the uniforms is the talk of the town leading up to the contest. Navy Football uniforms in Army Navy Game are stellar, and the Army’s uniform is a fitting tribute, as well. Get a sneak peek below and get ready to watch the Midshipmen take on the Black Knights this winter.

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The Army Navy Game Is a Rivalry Unlike Any Other

Navy Football Uniforms in Army Navy Game Are Out of This World

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xyzrYI_GV8&feature=youtu.be For 2022, the Navy Football uniforms in Army Navy game are blasting off. Okay, that’s enough of the space references, but seriously, they look amazing. The uniforms are a perfect canvas for the tribute to the 54 graduates of the Naval Academy who also became astronauts. When you’re not watching hard-hitting football and option plays galore, you’ll want to pay attention to what’s on the jerseys of the Midshipmen. The United States Naval Academy is responsible for more astronauts than any other institution, which is why you’ll find NASA all over these fits:
  • On the sides of the helmet, NASA’s logo is featured along with the moon.
  • On the shoulders and front of the jersey, you’ll also find NASA boldly represented.
  • On the pants, you’ll notice that the uniform features the NASA astronaut pin.
Nobody is going to confuse this contest as a fashion show once kickoff happens, but it doesn’t mean both sides aren’t going to be looking fresh. We’ve taken a sneak peek at the Navy Football’s look; now, let’s check out their opponents.

Army Uniform for Army Navy Game Salutes the 1st Armored Division

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKoZWdBCqKw If you think that the team from West Point is going to let the Midshipmen outshine them, think again. Army football is bringing a fitting tribute with their gameday attire to the 1st Armored Division. This is the 80th anniversary of Operation Torch. The 1st Armored Division fought in tank warfare during World War II against Axis Forces throughout Europe and North Africa. The division’s insignia is on the Black Knight’s pants. But one of the most talked about details is something you can expect to find on a tank trucking it throughout North Africa or a football player trucking over a defender: mud. It might not win points during New York Fashion Week, but the mud splatter on the helmets and jerseys are great details showcasing the reality of Operation Torch.

Navy Football Uniforms in Army Navy Game Are Only Part of the Story

The Army Navy game uniforms are only a small part of what makes this game great, and yet, they are anything but minimal. Army vs. Navy is one of college football’s greatest rivalries, and this year is no different. If you’re a college football fan, it’s no surprise when the Oregon Ducks come up with their millionth uniform color combination, but it hits differently in this matchup. Celebrating those who have sacrificed to keep this country free is always a worthy cause. Football has the power to bring people together in a unique way, which only adds to the pride and patriotism found in this annual match-up. Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA, will be the venue hosting this epic rivalry. The Navy Football uniforms in Army Navy game as well as the Army’s look are great storylines, but all that really matters is who emerges victorious.

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Image: Navy, courtesy of Navy Athletics/Under Armour




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