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Have you ever wondered, "Can I get a tour of Norfolk Naval Base?" If so, you're lucky because you can plan a full day of fun experiencing the naval station with Norfolk Naval Base tours. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to see the world's largest naval base, which includes dozens upon dozens of naval ships. Oh yeah, and did we mention you get to tour the naval base from the comfort of an air-conditioned ship that shows you around? Sounds pretty nice, right? Next time you're in Norfolk, Virginia, consider checking out this unbelievable excursion guaranteed to leave you in awe. Let's see what it's all about!

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Norfolk Naval Base Tours Don’t Get Better Than Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises

If you tour the naval base, there are plenty of vessels to cruise from, but the Victory Rover is a solid pick. Victory Naval Base Cruises take you on a two-hour journey through the nation’s most extensive naval base and share fascinating facts along the way. In 1986, Rover Cruises on the Norfolk waterfront began, and in 2001, the Victory Rover was added to the fleet. From there, the Norfolk Victory Rover became a staple figure that takes passengers on a journey while informing them about the history behind the naval base. The Victory Rover accommodates 149 people and offers a climate-controlled cabin so that you can sit comfortably. Large windows surround the vessel, giving you an excellent base view. In the main cabin, you can find restrooms, a gift shop, snack bars, and a bar with all your favorite refreshments if you're feeling thirsty. The cruise follows the smooth water of the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads Harbor.

What Vessels To Expect

The Victory Rover cruise shows you a ton of cool vessels. You'll see everything from destroyers to aircraft carriers to amphibious assault ships, submarines, guided missiles, and cruisers. Plus, the captain narrates the cruise, making every step of the way exciting and funny.

Where Is the Naval Base Cruise?

If you plan to hop on the Victory Rover, you'll want to follow this address:

Victory Rover Cruises Address

1 Waterside Drive Norfolk, VA 23510. Cruises depart from Nauticus in Downtown Norfolk, next to Virginia Beach and Portsmouth.

When Can I Cruise?

You can attend Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Feel like stopping by? You can purchase tickets online, over the phone, or at the ticket window. Before stopping in, it's recommended that you make reservations beforehand.

How Much Is It to Cruise the Victory Rover?

The two-hour narrated naval base cruise costs $29 for adults, $19 for children ages 4 to 12, and is free for kids ages 3 and below. If you plan on going with a group of fifteen or more, the group rate for adults is $27 and $17 for children 4 to 12. Also, boxed lunches are available for groups, if requested, from Panera Bread Company.

Naval Base Harbor Cruises & Tours in Norfolk, VA

No matter which vessel you decide to take a cruise on, you're guaranteed to see some jaw-dropping ships. You'll learn a thing or two about the world's largest Naval base while seeing vessels you may have never thought existed. Overall, Norfolk Naval Base tours are perfect for military families to enjoy a day at sea together.

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