By Michael Madrid
In a recently posted Space Force Guidance Memorandum, the Space Force announced new Space Force uniform and grooming standards for Guardians. Approved by the Chief of Space Operations (CSO), Gen. John Raymond, the recent changes allow for longer mustaches, cosmetics, and neck tattoos.

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Changes to the Space Force Uniform

Currently, a Space Force uniform has not been finalized, but Guardians are equipped with an interim service dress uniform. The recently posted SPFGM2022-36-01 Space Force Guidance Memorandum Establishing U.S. Space Force (USSF) Dress and Appearance Standards establishes new updates to the uniform Guardians can opt to wear. The Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs noted, “The new uniform items are additions Guardians may opt to wear on the interim service dress uniform, and the grooming and uniform policy updates are the outcomes from the service’s first uniform board held in 2021.” A plethora of new U.S. Space Force uniform items has been added to the list. For example, Guardians can sport new enlisted rank insignias, name tags, a hexagonal U.S. lapel insignia for enlisted Guardians, distinctive service hat badges for officers and enlisted personnel, and Space Force “Delta, Globe and Orbit” buttons. Until new uniforms are widely available, Guardians are allowed to wear their mess dress uniform. Additionally, new changes have been made towards the appearance and grooming of Guardians. Here is a brief list of what some of these changes are:
  • Adjusted mustache restrictions to the outer corners of the mouth.
  • Additional options for nail and lipstick colors that impart a wide array of color options for all female skin tones.
  • Inconspicuous concealer/foundation to cover scars/blemishes for males.
  • Expanded tattoo policy that matches sister service policies. The latest policy allows for neck and hand tattoos.

Space Force Regulations

With these new and improved changes comes some Space Force uniform regulations, as well. In terms of appearance and grooming, mustache restrictions specify that facial hair must be in a horizontal line and no more than ¼ inch from the end of the corner of the horizontal plane. Furthermore, concealer/foundation for males can only be used if it covers scars and must be inconspicuous. Males are not permitted to wear any lipstick or nail polish, and if female Guardians plan to wear lipstick or nail polish, they must follow the color scheme provided by the memorandum. Guardians can sport chest, back, arm, leg, foot, and neck tattoos. Chest and back tattoos can not be shown when wearing Space Force dress uniforms or if Guardians are wearing an open collar. One neck tattoo is allowed behind the ear and cannot exceed 1 inch in measurement. Ring tattoos have been added to the list, as well. Ring tattoos cannot exceed ⅜ of an inch, and a maximum of one ring tattoo per hand is allowed. Any other hand tattoos aren’t permitted. All updated policies regarding Space Force uniforms can be viewed here.

What To Expect From Future Space Force Uniforms

Although a new Space Force uniform has not been fully implemented, Guardians can get a peek of what they can expect in the near future. Guardians can view the latest lapel insignia, name tags, arm patches, hat badges, and so much more. Guardians will stay equipped with their interim Space Force uniform until official uniforms are fully approved.

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