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With winter approaching in Utah, ski resorts are becoming increasingly popular. Skiing and snowboarding can be great activities for individuals and families still wanting to have some outdoor fun, even in the cold. Utah claims to have “the greatest snow on earth,” but skiing and snowboarding can get incredibly expensive. With the cost of ski passes, especially if you’re going as a large family, these winter activities are pretty pricey. Thankfully, many ski resorts in Utah offer some kind of military discount for all the military members and their families wanting discount ski passes. Utah claims to have the greatest snow on earth, so put it to the test this winter with a skiing trip!

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Utah Ski Resorts Are Frozen Fun for Everyone

With over a dozen ski resorts, Utah has a lot of options for you to choose from. There are also multi-ski resort passes that offer discounts to the military. So, what are the best Utah ski passes available? And how do ski passes work? Keep reading to learn more about the ski passes available to you for ski resorts in Utah and how ski passes even work.

How Do Ski Passes Work?

Essentially, a ski pass is a ticket that you can scan electronically at different ski resorts. A ski pass is what gives you access to the ski lift, which is what gets you into the ski resort. Each resort has its own ski pass, meaning you need to purchase a pass for each resort (unless you want to buy a multi-resort pass). Many ski resorts will offer day passes, week passes, and season passes. For those who love the thrill of skiing and snowboarding, week passes and season passes are the best deals available for you.

Single Ski Resort Passes With Military Discounts

If you’re new to skiing or you know you like a specific resort, there are military discounts available for you. With over a dozen Utah ski resorts, there’s a lot to choose from, but with some of these discounts, the choice might be a bit easier. Some resorts will offer a military discount on their day/week passes, but most don’t; military discounts are often only offered on season passes, so be mindful when deciding on the Utah ski resorts you want to visit this winter. (Keep in mind that many of these prices reflect pre-season pricing and are subject to change as the ski season progresses.)

1. Alta Military Discount

Alta Ski Resort offers military discounts on their season passes. For an adult season pass with a military discount, a season pass is around $1,099. A season pass also includes five 25% off all-day passes at Alta for family and friends. Alta also offers a family season pass for $3,399. This includes two adults and two kids aged 17 and under. Each additional kid adds $220 to the total cost.

2. Powder Mountain Military Discount

Powder Mountain has a 35% military discount on all-day tickets. This military discount includes active-duty members, reserve members, National Guard members, and retired service members. Dependents are included in this discount, as well, with valid ID. Day tickets (without the discount) range from $115-$140 for adults and $69-$94 for children. This is a great option for those looking for a not-so-serious Utah ski pass commitment.

3. Park City Military Discount

The Park City day rate is about $259 per person. They do offer military discounts on their tickets, but they’re offered through the Epic Pass system. The military discount is also only offered on season passes. Day tickets are not included in the discount. But with a military discount for an Epic season pass, the price is only $159 per person. For ski-loving military families, this is a great discount!

4. Solitude Military Discount

A Solitude ski pass is another pass with a discount that goes through another service. To get the military discount here, an Ikon Pass is required. With the military discount, an Ikon ski pass can cost anywhere from $249 to $879, depending on the type of pass purchased. Without an Ikon Pass, a Solitude ski pass costs $399 for a midweek pass and $599 for a young adult pass.

5. Snowbird Military Discount

To get the Snowbird ski resort military discount, a season pass is required. A military season pass is priced at $1,199. A Snowbird season pass also gives you unlimited access to the UTA ski bus and 10 additional 25% off lift tickets for friends and family.

6. Snowbasin Military Discount

For the Snowbasin ski resort, the military discount is pretty great. They offer a discount on their “Premier” passes, which give you access for the whole season. The Premier pass with the military discount costs $549, and you can get six vouchers for 50% off other tickets during the winter season. You also get 10 vouchers for 25% off for friends and family.

7. Beaver Mountain Military Discount

Beaver Mountain ski resort offers a season pass for only $375 per adult. Military dependents ages 5 and under can ski for free all season. For those ages 6-11, a pass can be purchased for $150.

8. Deer Valley Military Discount

Deer Valley offers a discount for day-to-day ski passes. They also offer season passes with a military discount at $2,200. Season pass holders are also able to get 10 single days for friends and family at a 25% discount.

Multi-Resort Passes With Military Discounts

If you’re a skiing fiend, a multi-resort pass might be your best option. Many of these passes will get you into tons of Utah ski resorts and dozens more across the country. A lot of these Utah ski resorts will accept the same multi-resort pass, so if you’re a ski-lover, this is a great purchase.

Ikon Ski Passes

An Ikon Pass with the military discount is $879. This pass will get you unlimited access to the Solitude Mountain Resort and seven days each at four other Utah ski resorts: Brighton, Snowbasin, Deer Valley, and Alta. This means an extra 28 days at other resorts in Utah, on top of unlimited access to Solitude Mountain Resort. The Ikon Pass also gives you access to dozens of other ski resorts around the states and even around the world!

Epic Ski Passes

An Epic Ski Pass will get you unlimited access to Park City ski resort as well as dozens of other ski resorts across the country and the world. With the military discount, this pass is $159. For military dependents, the price is the same. Utah is a beautiful state, and that beauty extends into the winter. With dozens of skiing resorts available in Utah, it can be hard to decide which one is the most cost effective, especially for a military family. There are many Utah ski resorts that offer some great deals and can save you (and your family) some money this winter.

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