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Fort Jackson, which is known as the U.S. Army’s primary center for Basic Combat Training, prides itself on providing the Army with trained, motivated, and physically fit warriors who display the Army’s core values and honor teamwork as a means of accomplishing any mission. So, what experiences produce such soldiers? It starts with tackling the 40-foot monster, Victory Tower, Fort Jackson, during the first week of basic training.

The Purpose of Victory Tower Fort Jackson

Victory Tower was developed to help Soldiers feel successful by tackling their fears at the onset of their Army careers. The rationale was that, by overcoming this basic training hurdle, Soldiers would develop confidence in their abilities and those of their peers prior to working together as a team. Additionally, Victory Tower is the first time that drill sergeants get to see how Soldiers react/deal with emotions like stress and fear. The drill also allows sergeants to assess the commitment level of their Soldiers and provides an opportunity for an assessment as to whether the Soldiers are willing to continue with training. Holistically, Victory Tower is about motivation and ultimately building confidence. Soldiers who succeed demonstrate that they have the ability to continue the journey and become the next batch of U.S. Army Soldiers.

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Victory Tower’s Location

So, where can you find Victory Tower? Fort Jackson, South Carolina, is the home of this required training event for Soldiers. The population of Fort Jackson is diverse, and it is home to many activities for Soldiers, family members, and civilians.

Army Trainees Who Conquered Victory Tower

Thousands of Soldiers have been face-to-face with Victory Tower. Below, you can watch two accounts from Army trainees who went through basic combat training. These interviews took place at Fort Jackson. Victory Tower and the Soldiers’ fellow trainees can be seen directly behind these Soldiers if you look closely enough. PFC Rigo Cardenas-Paredes was both excited and nervous to take on Victory Tower. In an interview, he explained, “I am motivated to make something special for my family and to do something special for my country.” His advice for others tackling Victory Tower? “Be ready with discipline.” PVT Lydia Giammaria explains how her husband, who is also in the Army, has been her main source of inspiration throughout basic training. When asked about her experience with Victory Tower, she stated, “It wasn’t that bad. I thought it was really fun.” Her advice to others conquering Victory Tower, Fort Jackson is, “Make sure you get it in your head that you're here to execute and focus on doing the right thing.”

Victory Tower, Fort Jackson Height & Graduation

Now that we’ve laid out the more technical information about this basic training beast, you may be wondering, “How tall is Victory Tower at Fort Jackson?” It’s 40-foot tall and sure to test one’s ability to perform under pressure. Overcoming a fear of heights can seem like an insurmountable task, which makes it all the more rewarding for Soldiers nearing the completion of basic training. Almost every week, a newly trained group of Soldiers who have completed Victory Tower Fort Jackson, SC, get to celebrate their strenuous work and accomplishments at their graduation ceremony.

Next Steps for Successful Soldiers

The Soldiers have tackled Victory Tower, Fort Jackson. What’s next? Recruits continue to complete other challenges, such as person-carrying methods and physical problem-solving, putting their skill sets to the test. The ultimate test of perseverance and grit, Victory Tower, Fort Jackson helps these Soldiers emerge ready for anything that comes their way.

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