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When you think of the Aloha State, you’re likely to dream up beautiful waves, pristine beaches, mesmerizing jungles, and other forms of beauty that come to mind when thinking of paradise. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in America and places in the world, but it also plays a vital role in keeping America safe. There are many military bases in Hawaii, and while Pearl Harbor might be the most famous, there are several more working to provide training, surveillance, defense, and more to secure the United States.

What Military Bases Are in Hawaii?

Hawaii is filled with plenty of picturesque backdrops from its natural beauty and the positive vibes that go along with them. There are many wonderful cultures providing extraordinary value to the islands they call home, but Hawaii is also home to many different military bases. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard all lay claims to bases in Hawaii. Get to know the different military installations that call the archipelago home.

NS Pearl Harbor

The most famous of all military installations in Hawaii, NS Pearl Harbor is known by every American. Since being attacked and being the cause of the United States entering World War II, NS Pearl Harbor is now both a large Naval base as well as a major tourist attraction.

MCB Hawaii

Found in the Mokapu Peninsula of Honolulu, Hawaii, MCB Hawaii is a military institution featuring both Sailors and Marines. Originally known as Fort Hase, the base was built to be a predominant American military base in Hawaii; however, minutes before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese planes destroyed the fort completely. Today, it's still home to many troops and has much more security. President Barack Obama was known to spend a lot of time here, often eating with service personnel while visiting.

Fort Shafter

Operated by the U.S. Army, Fort Shafter is the oldest military base in Oahu and is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. It is still operating today, and Fort Shafter is one of the longest-running military bases in Hawaii, as well as the United States altogether.

Barking Sands Missile Range

Kekaha, HI, is home to Barking Sands Missile Range, which is an impressive military installation, to say the least. Operated by the U.S. Navy, Barking Sands Missile Range is the largest and most varied military base in the world. Its isolation allows it to test a variety of missiles as well as hold a large capacity of vehicles, including submarines, spaceships, planes, and ships. It's the only military institution capable of such a feat in the world.


You can find NCTAMS PAC in Wahiawa, HI, operated by the U.S. Navy. Its function is to support all communication systems and services in the Pacific Ocean. Due to this, it also assists with operations for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Schofield Barracks

Schofield Barracks is the largest military base in Hawaii and is operated by the Army. Originally designed to serve as a mobile defense for Pearl Harbor and all of Oahu, today it's home to over 36,000 troops and is a testing facility for chemical-biological weapon defense.

Pohakuloa Training Center

Both the Marines and the Army use the Pohakuloa Training Center as a live-fire training facility. The area is a balance of both land and air units conducting military exercises in stunning landscapes, including many endangered plants and animals. Ironically, hunting is still allowed to some degree for civilians on non-active portions. Its remoteness makes it the perfect place to hone your skills in sighting, artillery fire, and shooting mortars. The base is capable of handling a wide range of weapons testing, including the M28/M29 Davy Crockett Nuclear Weapon System.


KR-SOCK, a.k.a. Kunia Regional SIGINT Operations Center, previously known as the Kunia Field Station, has provided intel to both the Army and Navy since it was constructed. The base was created after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and has served through WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War. Edward Snowden was working at KR-SOCK when he discovered and released sensitive information about the PRISM surveillance program. Cryptology, intelligence, and communications are the main components of the base’s operations.

USCG Base Honolulu

USCG Base Honolulu is just one of the military bases in Honolulu, Hawaii. Its purposes are unique, and the base plays a role in supporting national defense and helping various military branches with assistance in the area. Another unique feature is that the base is also responsible for the local healthcare system for those nearby.

Station Maui

If you are looking for military bases in Maui, Hawaii, Station Maui is the only option. It might be alone, but it plays an important role, as it is operated by the USCG and is responsible for all of Hawaii plus the outer islands. The station collaborates with 12 other stations around Hawaii, as well as another one in Japan. Station Maui sees plenty of activity, as it also works with other agencies, such as law enforcement, and participates in search-and-rescue missions, environmental protection, and more.

Tripler Medical Center

Known for its iconic coral pink color, the Tripler Medical Center is a U.S. Army base and the most important hospital on the Pacific Rim. When disaster strikes, the Tripler Medical Center is used to help support medical emergencies and is even used by the U.N. for humanitarian efforts. Training sessions are also supported by the base for both American troops and troops from other countries that are a part of the United Nations.

Wheeler Army Airfield

Located on the island of Oahu, the Wheeler Army Airfield, previously the Wheeler Air Force Base, now serves as a place of aerial support in the Pacific. There are 22 helipads and two different runways to help it achieve its mission. It is operated by the U.S. Army.

How Many Military Bases Are in Hawaii?

It depends on who you ask. There are at least 11 recognized military bases in Hawaii, with 12 listed above. The Bellows Air Force Station was once a predominant military institution but is now used more for physical recreation and conservation than military operations. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam was previously called Hickam Air Force Base before a nationwide initiative collaborated bases across the entire country. Overall, no matter how you list them, the various branches working in Hawaii do a great job of keeping us informed, prepared, and ready to defend America.

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